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I absolutely love my night cap. My long, fine blond curls don’t do well put up in a pineapple/bun at night in a normal bonnet, and this is the perfect solution. This cap stays on my head all night unlike others I’ve tried because it’s adjustable. The only issue is that because the material is so soft, the ties don’t stay tied. I’m going to try putting a few stitches through the knot or maybe a safety pin to see if that will help — not a huge deal tho because it doesn’t fall off anyways.

Also, I’m so happy to have found a Black woman owned business to support instead of Amazon. Plus the silk is so high quality I know for sure that it’s way nicer than I would have gotten from some other place.

Arteria Ginsburg
I'll know by her facial expression! She's not a very good actress.

The Cap Bonnet was given to my daughter as a Birthday gift. My daughter lives in another city and hasn't picked it up yet,

Courtney Carr
Braid Saver!

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks on my braids. I have a super sensitive scalp and silk has helped keep irritation down. My braids look FRESH every morning and haven’t dulled yet.

Indi Harris
Why haven’t you bought this bonnet yet?

Protects my bra-strap-length locs, check!
Keeps my hair out of my boyfriend’s face at night, check!
Elastic band, check!
100% real silk, check!
Black-owned business, check!

Janelle Williams
Super silky

This is super silky easy night cap to put on . It’s easy to us when you have long braids I have been truly enjoying it !